God of Ramen

PLATFORMS: PS Move | Phidgets


ROLE: Producer | Programmer | Props maker


DURATION: 3 weeks

* This is a course project of Building Virtual Worlds (BVW). Students were randomly assigned to a team of 5 to 6, and build virtual worlds within 2 to 3 weeks using new platforms and technologies.



Design a world that can be easily themed, and attracts a lot of people.



  • Fans (Phidgets)

  • Large round buttons attached to circuit board from a wireless mouse



God of Ramen was a course project for Building Virtual Worlds. The goal was to create a world that can be easily themed and shown in the Festival, and in the meantime attracted a lot of people.


We thus decided to make a game that required people to cooperate and compete at the same time. God of Ramen was a 2 vs. 2 game in which the players cooperated to make ramen, and competed against the other team. They used PS Moves to pull the noodles, and the Phidgets to fan the fire.


The time pressure in this project was higher since we were interacting with more devices and also making our own props. We detached the circuit board from a wireless mouse and re-soldered the wires to build the large round buttons. We made the fans with foam and taped accelerometers inside.


Since I was also the producer of this project, I oversaw the schedule of the tasks. This was complicated by the extra props we needed to make. For the programming part, I was mostly in charge of maintaining the structure of the program and generating the ingredients onto the conveyor belt.



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