Into the Deep

PLATFORMS: PS Move | Oculus Rift


ROLE: Programmer


DURATION: 2 weeks

* This is a course project of Building Virtual Worlds (BVW). Students were randomly assigned to a team of 5 to 6, and build virtual worlds within 2 to 3 weeks using new platforms and technologies.



Create a highly interactive experience without any instructions, and yet at the same time let the naive guests feel they have a lot freedom in the choices they make.



Into the Deep was a course project for Building Virtual Worlds. It provided an immersive underwater experience. While enjoying the liberating atmosphere, the player still needed to pay heed to the danger lurking in the shadows. When the shark appears, the player should swim back to the boat as fast as possible.


The goal of this project was to create a world without instructions, so even naive guests would be able to enjoy it. In order to guide the guests inconspicuously, we decided to create a glowing flounder as a guide in the murky sea. Since people would normally follow the lights in the dark, we believed that this would guide them to the destination. Moreover, we palced several shiny pearls underwater to serve as another guide.


My main responsibility in this project was to integrate Oculus Rift with PS Move and create an intuitive way for naive guests to swim. In addition, I was in charge of how the fish swim in the sea. We decided to let the fish flee when the shark appeared, suggesting the guests that they had to flee also. The final outcome was fruitful. The guests did follow the path, and the reported feelings were that they felt liberated swimming in the sea.