Jan. 2015 | Programmer

Squishlets is an interactive digital/physical exhibit designed for a children’s museum that encourages physical activity. It aims to strengthen the idea that physically active play can be just as much fun as play that exists in the digital space.

Jan. 2015 | Programmer

Mind. Blown. is a game made for the Global Game Jam 2015. It is designed, developed, and tested all within the time span of 48 hours. The player need to defuse an infinite number of bombs and stay alive as long as possible.

Nov. 2014 | Producer, Programmer, Props maker

God of Ramen is a 2 vs. 2 game in which the players cooperate to make ramen, and compete against each others. They use PS Moves to pull the noodles, and the Phidgets to fan the fire.

Oct. 2014 | Programmer

Ma Yaa! tells a story of an unfinished model trying to perfect itself before the deadline. The player needs to use their hands to wipe themselves to finish the model.

Sep. 2014 | Programmer

Into the Deep provides an immersive underwater experience. While enjoying the liberating atmosphere, the player still need to pay heed to the danger lurking in the shadows.

Feb. 2013 | Programmer

Classic Apps is an Android app which stems from an experiment on novel mobile advertisement methods. It has gone through several iterations, and finally landed itself as an app that recommends other apps.

Sep. 2012 | Programmer

This is a project I did with two other teammates in the Taiwan Evolutionary Intelligence Laboratory. We implemented genetic algorithm and tournament selection for the computer Gomoku player. The player used minimax to search for its next play. Iterative deepening is also used to speed up the searching process.

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