Mind. Blown.

ROLE: Programmer



Mind. Blown. is a game we made for the 2015 Global Game Jam. The theme this year is "What do we do now?" Owing to the nature of the theme, we decided to create a game that requires the player to think and act fast, yet do so cautiously at the same time. It is this kind of contradiction that we were aiming to achieve, and let the players ask themselves "So... what do I do now?"


The final game, to build up the tension and pressue the player, was a bomb defusal game. We also played on Stroop effect, which basically states that when the name of a color is printed in a color not denoted by the name, people take more time and are more prone to error when they try to name the color.


You can visit the game jam site here,or get a sense of what the game is like here.